Zephyr ZAC-60 (1995)
This is a copy of a Tony Zematis Guitar, made by the Japanese company Zephyr.

This particular model is a copy of a guitar that was originally made for Eric Clapton as a 12 string. With the standard 6 strings and a large, spectacularly elaborate sound hole this guitar has a wonderful deep and full sound.

Reduced from £895

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Gibson Les Paul Custom (1990 - Slash era!)
Fantastic cherry sunburst on the beautiful quilted maple top and solid mahogany body with white binding. Original wiring, scratch plate, tone pots, pick up switch and gold machine heads all in top condition… and this Gibson Les Paul Custom really plays as good as it looks!

It's slender neck and wide frets make this an incredibly comfortable guitar to play. This may be the only one of its kind in the UK.


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Fender Stratocaster (American 1987/88)
1987/88 were the first years of manufacture for the American Standard Strat.

Although this instrument has some wear and tear on the backplate, heel plate and back contour, (all affectionately known as 'buckle rash') the guitar is in full working order and has had only one replacement volume pot over time. With a beautiful neck and classic tone this guitar still holds its place as a positive milestone in Fender's electric guitar history.


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Gibson EB2 Semi Acoustic Bass (1964)
This vintage gem has and some restoration work done to the back of the neck and headstock after a previous break, as well as the installation of an extra pick up at the bridge position.

However, after the top end repair and modification, this means that the guitar's neck will now be stronger ever and will now achieve more versatile bass tones with the two pickups instead of one - making this a very interesting guitar to players seeking a unique and vintage tone.

The EB2's gently contoured back and thin body makes it very comfortable to play and is slightly lighter than the average bass as it has a hollow body. The instrument also has an excellent quality hard case.


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Fender Stratocaster Anniversary (American 1994)
In mint condition this classic instrument is finely tuned to the fully functional modern 90's strat specifications with all original parts.
It has a super playable action with comfortably wide frets, and a great Rosewood neck.


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