There has never been a better time to learn to play guitar. Join us for a fifty minute group guitar lesson. No matter what your age, previous experience or musical interest may be, we have the right group for you.

Rather than focusing on just one style of guitar playing, our structured and comprehensive course starts with the basic twenty-one chords and works it’s way through to more complex material while covering many of the most important guitar styles including rock; pop; jazz; roots; blues; folk and country.

■ Group classes are tailored to suit both electric and acoustic guitarists and cost only £11 per lesson.

■ For the more advanced guitar player we offer classes in improvisation; composition; music theory and specialisms such as slide, classical and finger-style. In addition to our guitar classes we also offer tuition in bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin, violin, drums and singing - for all ages and abilities.

■ All classes are lead by competent, CRB checked instructors with many years of experience in teaching and performance.

■ Children and teen classes are held in the late afternoon followed by adult classes in the evenings. Saturday classes are also available.

If you would like more information, check out our FAQs below. If you would like a place on the course, please call us on 01992 677992 or fill in our
Sign Up form.
The Guitar Studio Lesson Classroom

How much are the courses?

Group classes for any age are £11 per 50 minute lesson. One to one lessons are £30 for an hour lesson and half-hour one to one lessons are £17.50.

What instruments do you teach?

Guitar (electric and acoustic), Mandolin, Ukulele. Individual classes are also offered in Bass guitar and singing.

What age groups do you teach?

We have classes for adults, teens and children. Six is usually the earliest age we would consider for a guitar class, but there are other options for younger children. Please contact us for more info.

Are your tutors CRB checked?


Do I need my own instrument?

Yes, as you will need to practice at home. If you do not own one we have a large selection of instruments for sale.

What levels do you teach?

We have classes suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Some advanced students may prefer one on one lessons.

What styles of guitar music do you teach?

The classes cover a wide range of guitar styles including Rock, blues, pop, folk, country, rockabilly, bluegrass and jazz. Classical guitar is only taught in one on one lessons.

How much practise time is required for beginners?

Twenty to thirty minutes per day of home practise.

What will a beginner learn in the first term?

The twenty-one basic open chords, simple strumming and picking patterns, reading basic rhythm notation and tab, plectrum technique and flat picking. You will also learn at least two songs.

Do you teach music theory?

Yes. In addition to a certain amount of background theory in the instrument classes, we also offer dedicated classes in popular and classical music theory.

How do I book?

Please click here to take you to our Sign Up page, fill in the form and we'll get back to you to confirm details. Alternatively, give us a call on 01992 677992.
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